Softonic: Features, Threats and Solutions – Download Software Safely

Think about a world without software or application! There would be no alarms, no messenger, no games and nothing as such. Sounds impossible right? Yes, it is actually impossible especially after living in an age where internet, software, and applications are everything we’ve got. Without the software and applications, our life seems to be a body without a soul. Every day, trillions of software are downloaded all across the world and we have no clue how to live without utilizing the software and mobile application.

There are various ways to download a software or an application. One can download a software from its official website, and an application from the app store from the particular OS. But when we can’t find a software or application, third-party websites seem to be the only hope left and many of us are the regular users of such websites. Today, I am going to portray such a website namely Softonic.

What is Softonic?

As mentioned earlier, Softonic is a third-party website which contains an array of different software, mobile applications, and games. It provides those paid and free software completely free to download. With extensive features of Softonic, it has become one of the priorities of the internet lovers from the day it was launched in 1997 till now. Approximately 100 million users visit the site on a monthly basis and enjoy the features offered by Softonic.

Let’s have a look at the features of Softonic


The well-organized categories of Softonic make it one of the easiest software and application downloading sites to use. The Apps menu on the top of the home page comprises the browser, IT, Business and education categories where you can read all the information about the current happenings based on the category.


Their in-depth articles can help you to gain knowledge about the recent development of the software and application. The tips, comparisons, in-depth and tutorials are considered effective among the users. Moreover, the articles are able to solve most of the common concerns you have in your mind.


The Video section of Softonic offers us a visual solution of those problems which are tough to understand in written words. The videos are comprised of many topics which you have been looking for form a long time.

Endless Software, Applications, and Games

Numerous games, software, and mobile applications can be located on Softonic which bumps up its utility among the users. One can find almost every .exe and .apk on this platform. The easy download procedure also helps users to download their required software and application quickly to their device. Moreover, some of the paid software and application can be found for free for a limited usage!

Softonic: Features, Threats and Solutions – Download Software Safely

All these features make Softonic so special that you cannot ignore the software download portal. And I believe that is the very reason why they are capable of acquiring humongous traffic to their site. But according to the recent report, people are not so satisfied with the website as they were before.

The reason for the dissatisfaction is the Malware, adware, and virus associated with Softonic. It has ruined some device as the report says. You can trace every issue and their solution related to the download on Softonic on Layerpoint. So, know how to prevent yourself from the harmful internet threats. Visit Layerpoint today and download endless software and application.

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